I am you… 




A bold statement to make considering I don’t know each and every one of my readers personally yet, right?

I wanted to share a bit of raw truth with you. I felt the need to pull back the curtain of my life to give you a glimpse inside today. Slowly but surely, you’ll begin to understand why we are more similar than you realize. Let’s discover each other together.

I am a survivor.  I’ve been through domestic violence, parental alienation, a serious car accident and yes, even, cancer! Each and every one of those experiences, or battles rather, make up the inner workings of who I am. Through all of those negative life seasons one positive rang true above all else; I survived! I made it through and can now reflect on those seasons with glimmers of hope, understanding and growth. 

I’ve gone through quite a number of challenges that may resonate with you personally.  Did I go through these challenges gracefully? No and that’s okay! Does it get easier? Absolutely!  What does happen is this… you experience an inner life shift. You “stop and smell the roses” any chance you can.  You become grateful for each and every day. Any obstacles that stand in your way now seem trivial because you understand that you have the strength to conquer them. I’ve learned to handle my challenges with grace and ease. I now know I can weather any storm and come out shining with the Sun!

Through the storm, the most important thing I learned was that I matter.  I have a place in this world. I’m worth it! I am here to teach others that they matter too, no matter the storm they’ve weathered.

The fate of your world is fully in your hands. You may not feel grand in your current situation but, guess what? You are! You were masterfully created for a greater purpose and each storm you weather makes you more fit for your ultimate destiny.

For a long time, I felt as though I played a small part in this world; seemingly unimportant… irrelevant almost.  It was as though as long as I did what I was told, everything would work out okay and if I didn’t the world would crumble at my feet. I am here to tell you, as a survivor, I was wrong. Somewhere amongst those swirling negative thoughts and self-destructive feelings I lost myself.  I was made up of everyone else’s beliefs and values. I had nothing to base my own existence on. Without having a clear set of my own unique values, beliefs, and boundaries, it was easy for me to become a lost soul existing for the benefit of others while forgetting my own needs. I admit that I was taken advantage of because I did not hold my own ground.

Through all of the layers of uncertainty, my purpose still existed despite myself. The universe has plans for us and demands us to show up for them eventually whether we want to or not. We get comfortable in whatever state we create for ourselves. The universe forces us to jump, even if we feel uncomfortable or confused about where we are going to land.

The most serious way the universe disrupts our journey is when we go through a traumatic event that shakes us to our core. The tactic here is internal awakening. The universe is speaking to you in the midst of your disparities saying, “you were meant to be your own unique self that has a place in this world and a purpose.

So here it is, your worst experience to put you in a place so far deep, you have nowhere to go but up.  Now what are you going to do with what’s in front of you?”  From that moment on you are going to find yourself and move forward into a life that was designed just for you. Through the most trying times in your life you discover possibilities, peace, and happiness. Your only option is to leave the past where you experienced it and move forward, shining all light and energy on your destiny and dimming the voices and experiences of the past. Your destiny is calling you forward.  Sooner or later you will learn, just like I did, that you need to step out of your own way and become the empowering, deserving woman you were always meant to be!

I am you. You are me.

I would love to hear about your life journey and help you connect the dots from your past to a future that is shining bright, created just for you. Let’s connect today and plan your personalized steps to success, peace, and happiness together!


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