We’ve all been there, right?


We’ve all been there, right? Facing a situation that we thought would be an amazing chapter in our life that took a turn for the worse somewhere along the path. We started off strong, confident, and motivated. Our intentions were crystal clear. Our plan was set in stone… or so we thought. So, what happened? Where did we veer off the beaten path? We find ourselves feeling dazed, confused, and shaken by the events that unfolded and landed us in a mess. Our initial optimism turns to pain: physical, emotional, mental… sometimes a combination of all three.  The whirlwind we just faced landed us on the concrete HARD. Ouch! We are tattered, but not destroyed. 

Pain is Inevitable, Continual Suffering is Not 

The shock of the fall wears off. We start feeling pain; real pain, both in our bodies and our mind. Our minds go into action as we start to remember the event and how we got here. We speed down the emotional road of sadness, trauma, and loss. All sorts of negative emotions take over, from embarrassment to humiliation, we find ourselves struggling through the depths of our despair.

What Next? Healing Through Time

When our faith wavers we have two choices: lay there on the ground amongst the rubble or stand up and find clarity in the chaos. Spoiler alert: we choose the latter, every time. Sure, we may sit there for a while, contemplating what just happened to us as we just went through a traumatic event, it’s human nature. Sitting or lying there for a short period of time, while our bodies are recuperating and the shock is settling down, is part of our own healing process. Time heals. Allow your body, mind, and soul to heal through the events you’ve faced. 

It is okay to recount your feelings. 

It is okay to think about the alternatives. 

It is okay to question why things turned out the way they did. 

It is okay to feel beaten down.

It is okay to question your relationships, choices and next options.

It is not okay to remain in a weary state for a long period of time. 

When you feel ready, find your footing, and push forward one step at a time. Every step counts, no matter how small space or shaky the ground below you may feel. You are stronger than you realize. Give yourself time to find your peace and heal through this trying season of your life.

There is a Refresh in the Restart of a New Life Season

Let me let you in on a big life secret… bad things are going to happen. It is part of everyone’s life season at one point or another. No one gets through life without going through some type of trauma. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen down. Life happens. We live through millions of experiences that may touch our hearts or test our faith. Each piece of your life makes you uniquely you. You are capable of handling all that is thrown into your life; good and bad. When we face trauma or negative life experiences it is our chance to turn the page and begin again. Once the grief, pain, and negative emotions have left our heart and mind, we are able to move forward with lessons, clarity, and a sense of rebirth. 

Examining Your Emotions

It is important to be aware of your feelings. When you have gotten back up from a troubling experience how do you feel? Sore maybe, but ready to live life again, right?  With a greater awareness and a stronger body, mind, and spirit you are ready to take charge of your life again. If you fall down again, which is very likely in this thing called life, you are going to stand up tall, dust yourself off, and begin again. Each time we fall down, we are going to rise up with a greater appreciation, a lesson learned, and more experiences to put in our life bank. Each new chapter comes with challenges that make up the story of your life. Embrace the good and push through the bad.

If you are feeling stuck in a troubling or traumatic situation and are unsure of how to begin again, I would be happy to coach you through it. Your growth and development are so important to me. Let’s stand tall again together. Contact me today to get started on beginning again. 


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