Summer is officially here!


I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. With the longer days, the suns’ extended appearance, and the weather washing its warmth over us, it’s time to start working in my garden. One of my favorite things to do is to start preparing my garden for new plants. Somehow clearing out the old and planting the new allows me to contemplate, reflect, and renew my own thoughts.  

In my garden, I clear out the debris, rake the soil, add new fertile soil, decide what plants I want to add, and stake out areas to begin my seed planting. Just like my garden, I take this time to also plant seeds of positivity in my life and mind as this new life season begins.

As with my garden, refreshing my mindset is a step-by-step process that I wanted to share with you. I hope you implement these steps into your summer routine each year alongside me.

Clear out the Debris

Summer cleaning is not just for physical assets. I take this time to clean out my mind of now useless thoughts and replace it with new thoughts that are in line with my personal growth. After all, life is all about continual growth, right? This helps my mind evolve. Maybe take a walk and get fresh air, sit in front of a sunny window or curl up in a chair and ponder on these thoughts to clear your own mind. Ask yourself: “What thoughts am I holding onto that no longer serve me?”, “What ideas are no longer working for me?”, “What thoughts are lingering in my mind that still cause me stress or anxiety?”

Create Space in Your Mind

Now is the time to clean out and get your mind ready for all the positive thoughts you would like to plant. Meditating is a wonderful way to clear your mind in this new season. Meditating allows you to free your mind through different mindful techniques.  By letting go of thoughts no longer serving you, you open your mind to unlimited possibilities! You give your mind space for new, positive thoughts that will serve you throughout this season. Through meditation, you are breathing in new life to your mind, body, and soul.

Enrich Your Mind With Fertilizer

As with gardening, fertilizer helps your mental garden bloom. We must fertilize our mind with positive thoughts so that we, as empowered women, can grow. One way to enrich your mind is by taking action. Focus on the things that bring you joy. Read about interesting ideas and facts that stimulate your thoughts. Surround yourself with people that are creative and inspiring. Listen to songs and stories that make every cell of your body come to life! Get fresh air and take in deep breaths, filling your mind with the oxygen necessary to build and energize your cells. Eat healthy foods and consume liquids that will sustain your mind and activate the cells regeneration energizing capabilities. Can you feel your body and mind expanding, energizing, and filling up with excitement right now? Ready to plant some positivity? I know I am. I’ve been waiting to share this moment with you. Your garden is ready for your Seeds of Positivity!

Start Planting

You’ve got this! You are ready to plant whatever seeds you choose. So let’s decide what seeds fit your life. Begin by asking yourself this:  “What kind of seeds do I want to plant?”,  “What kind of thoughts do I want to create that will inspire me, keep me reaching for my goals, and establish a sense of peace and happiness?”  Once you’ve thought of a few things, start planting them! How? Write them down, repeat them daily, and come up with an actionable plan to achieve each goal to bring your plans to full blossom.

Maintaining Your Garden

Every day, just like a garden in which you planted seeds, you have to water your mental seeds. You have to take care of them daily for them to be nurtured enough to grow. By repeatedly watering your own mental garden you are creating a habit within yourself that allows you to take time each day to focus on your “seeds.” My version of watering my seeds looks like this:  Every day I repeat my positive thoughts and give them the attention, love, and care they need to thrive. Every time a negative thought appears, I gently pull it out and throw it away.  No need to be rough with the thought, it’s only a thought. I gently pull it out and toss it away, not giving it too much attention. This is similar to weeding. We are pulling the nagging pests to make room for our beautiful flowers to take full reign over our garden.  My attention, my love, my care goes right to the positive thoughts because that’s what I would like my mind to be filled with. Try it yourself and watch your garden bloom!

What are some of the seeds you hope to plant this summer? What goal or aspirations do you have for this new season in your life? I would love to hear all about your garden and the seeds you are planting. Let’s chat today!


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