Growing Through Change: The Raw, Ugly and Beautiful!

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly….but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”–Maya Angelou

Have you ever gone through something tough and then looked back to realize what a wonderful destination it brought you to?  That’s how I felt during my personal journey.  Did I want to go through all the valleys again that once caused me so much pain? Definitely not!  It’s messy, raw and ugly. The pain, I felt, was so intense that I lost sight of the lessons that were buried within it. Yet, if I had not gone through it, I would not have been able to fully appreciate the beauty of my life now. I am grateful for the journey, despite the pain. 

Painful experiences can blossom into beautiful lessons

I know what you’re probably thinking. Why experience so much pain to get to a place of peace? Why would you appreciate the journey when it caused you so much pain? Admittedly so, it does sound like I’m trying to justify my past experiences to feel better about the situation,  however, when I sit down and think about having gone through my challenges I can truly appreciate my circumstances now. Every valley I faced led me to higher peaks and stunning sunrises. 

Mental growth is similar to physical conditioning 

When thinking about the growing and changing we experience in our emotional and mental states, it can be comparable to physical changes we would see when training our bodies for fitness events or endurance exercises. It sounds silly, I know, but our brain is a muscle too. It has to be trained, conditioned and taught to endure. The more time you spend on mental growth, the more leveled up you become. 

Let’s say you are preparing for your first marathon. You spend months, possibly years, planning for and living out your training schedule. You start by waking up early each morning, going for a run before work, enduring the elements of the outdoors, from rain to snow. You change your eating habits, experience muscle aches and sores that you push through to keep you going towards your ultimate goal of completing a marathon. There are going to be days that you struggle, days that you don’t want to run, days when you’d rather stay in bed and ignore your dream, but you persist.  Fast forward to marathon day. You run your heart out and cross the finish line. Celebrating your victory you recount all the hard work that got you to your goal. You did it, you pushed through and kept moving forward.  You finished the race, feeling alive, accomplished and with such an exuberant feeling of, “I did it!”. You’re forever changed. You grew through your training to become a better version of yourself. You set a goal and crushed it. This is much like mental growth, isn’t it? Actually, there was a lot of mental growth happening as you trained for this physical feat too. Change is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Change isn’t always pretty, but it is necessary

You can’t appreciate where you are now, unless you have something to compare it to. I wouldn’t have the same passion, appreciation and fire inside of me now if I did not experience the life changes I had over the years. I see life with such an incredibly deep understanding and am so grateful for every moment, the glorious and the challenging. I no longer run away from challenges. I face them head on and appreciate them for what they are: lessons.  I’m stronger because of them. I’m confident in the choices I make and know that I can conquer anything that stands in my path. I step out, not back in. I’ve got this and so do you. I want you to look at your challenges differently from here on out. I want you to embrace change and understand that although it may be tough, uncomfortable and murky at times, you will come out unscathed and stronger than before. Embracing change allows you to grow into the best version of you. You are moving forward into a new season of  your life with each challenge. 

Challenging roads lead to spectacular destinations 

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls when we least expect it. I can’t tell you why we are thrown these challenges, but I can tell you that you are strong enough to get through them.  If you believe in yourself and keep moving forward despite the challenges you will reach your goal of internal happiness, peace and serenity. You will find the joy and clarity you have been looking (and hoping!) for.  Although the struggles may weigh you down right now, you will look back and appreciate each facet of the challenges you face. I know that the road of life can be a difficult course to navigate which is why I am here to help you. If you’re facing some hardships and need support, understanding or an ear to listen, don’t waste another minute and reach out! I would love to walk you through your challenges to find some peace in the now. Schedule an appointment with me today


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