There are certain words that inherently strike you. Do you have a word bank you use often in conversation that you love? Or, perhaps, words that light a fire inside of you? For me, the word, “notice,” is one of my power words. Simply defined as the act of observing or paying specific attention to something, it holds a meaningful place in my life and routines. Noticing allows me to be aware without direct reaction or judgment. The simple, yet powerful word holds space in the strings of my conversations and thoughts. When is the last time you took notice of the intricacies of the external world? How often do you notice your own actions, thoughts, and behaviors and their direct link to your reactions and feelings?

My Morning Routine: Take Notice

For me, each morning I actively participate in a 10-15 minute meditation and yoga awakening exercise. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t be able to move so well if I didn’t roll out of bed and give myself some time to stretch and wake my body up for the movements I demand of it throughout the day. During my meditation, I have gotten into the habit of taking notice of my breath and my posture.  I ask myself these questions: How am I breathing? Is it slow and steady breaths or have I already jumped into overdrive, taking short, rapid breaths based on my feelings for the task list of the day ahead? Taking notice of my breathing has helped me get into a state of mind where I become fully present and energized for the day ahead. A simple task of taking notice of your breathing allows you to spark your awareness, refocus your mindset, and prepare for the day ahead. I encourage you to take the first 10-15 minutes of your morning to focus on nothing more than noticing your feelings, breaths, and thoughts. It will do wonders for your entire day!

Regaining Focus: A Conscious Mind

Throughout my day I often find myself getting overwhelmed and fully immersed in projects. All of my focus shifts away from my internal state of mind directly to projects and task list. Spoiler Alert: I am a strong type A personality. With that comes traits such as overthinking, overworking, and the mindset to be ultra-ambitious in all of my tasks and goals. Are you in the same boat? If not, I am sure you know someone who falls into that category.  My mind is constantly on the go, with ideas swirling around in my head at a super-fast rate. When overload begins to creep up  I can get overwhelmed, stressed out, and tend to lose focus on my own inner peace. Worse yet,  I feel as though I’m not even living in the moment or being as present as I should be. In these moments, taking notice of my mind is the most effective for me to realign my mind and emotions. I make a conscious effort to stop what I’m doing at least 3 times during the day to notice where my mind is. Within these short mental breaks, I consider what state of mind I am currently in. Depending on my presence (or lack thereof) I may need to take a break by getting up from my computer for 5-10 minutes. Other times I may need to step outside for fresh air or a walk around the block. Realigning your focus and taking notice of your state of mind is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind. One of the most effective methods to realign my mindset is to do my  3-part deep breathing exercise. (stick the link to the series in here). Whatever my plan of action is, I make sure to intentionally notice where my mind is and stop my mental carousel from spinning out of control.  I make a conscious effort to pull myself back into a form of living in the present which will better allow me to handle all tasks in the most efficient way possible. 

Words that Empower: Notice 

Whatever I’m doing throughout the day, I have relied on the word notice to help me stay grounded and live in the present moment.  I’ve added ‘’notice”  to my list of words that I refer to as empowerment words.  I encourage you to take notice today. Use 5-10 minutes of your day to sit back and pause (another empowerment word of mine). What do you notice? How are you feeling at this moment?  Are you in the present moment or have your thoughts fleeted? No matter how you are feeling when you take notice, embrace it. Shift your mindset if you need to. Focus on realigning your thoughts, emotions, and senses.

As busy women we lose sight of ourselves often. We find ourselves juggling many tasks, oftentimes, with no end in sight. Take notice of your feelings. Take notice of your thoughts. Take notice of your actions. If you need help realigning your mindset or taking notice of your day-to-day, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to help you incorporate deep breathing and intentional notice into your daily life today. Let’s reignite your spark and take notice together. 


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