The 3 Wise Brains: Discover Your Life Prophecy

Great and wondrous things happen when we come together and work as one. This collaboration ideal is especially true when it starts within ourselves.  When we align all three of our brains, our truest potential evolves and emanates into the world bringing about peace and joy within ourselves that shines but to the rest of the world. When we show up as our best selves, everyone benefits!

What makes up the three brains?

Simply put, the three wise brains are composed of the head, the heart and the gut. Together they work in unison to create the most authentic version of you in every life situation. What plays on instinct, deep thought and healthy emotions, you can discover your own life path if you are connected to your three wise brains. 

The Head Brain 

When we think of the brain, in the most general sense, we think about the one in our head, right? This is the one we use to process thoughts and send signals to all parts of our body to perform very specific functions. When speaking in the sense of the three wise brains, the head brain is where we go for logic and rationale. The head brain is in charge of how we think and process actions and experiences around us. Our head brain is also in charge of our level of curiosity. Rationally, our head brain, coordinates past pictures and events to match the current events we are experiencing. Oftentimes, our head brain asks us, “how do I process this current situation based on my past experiences?” Our head brain often tries to condition us to “brace for impact” when we are faced with negative circumstances that mirror past bad experiences. As part of growing into your authenticity, you can work with your brain to use healthy coping mechanisms to push past the fight or flight feelings, rationalize your current situation and find the good that remains so that you can continue to push forward and grow into your best self. 

The Heart Brain 

When we think about our heart, there is a direct connection to our emotions and our state of feeling. You may have heard (or said) things such as, “my heart is full!” when feeling happy or “my heart is broken!” when overwhelmed or sad. Emotional phrases and feelings are tied to a heart connection, which is why the heart is an essential part of the three wise brains that you have inside of you. The heart brain is the emotional center of who you are. In situations, both good and bad, your heart brain is triggered to ask emotionally filed questions like, “What am I feeling right now?” or “How should I respond to this based on my feelings?” Your heart brain may even push you to act out your feelings in ways of happiness, sadness, contemplation or anger. We’ve all been driven by our heart brain at some point in our lives. The good news is that you are, also, in control of your heart brain when it comes to your three wise brains. Understanding and feeling your emotions is an essential part of growing into your best selves. As you discover layers of who you are, you will begin to dive deeper into your emotions and use them to react with love and compassion in all situations you are faced with. Your heart brain is the emotional component of your entire being. How powerful we are!

The Gut Brain 

Have you ever been in a situation where your gut instinct kicked in telling you exactly what you needed to know before anything even happened? This is what we call the gut brain of the three wise brains. This important pillar is all about courage and self intuition. Easily defined as an intuitive nature to solve a situation before it fully occurs is how we look at our third brain. You may ask yourself things such as, “What is my gut telling me about this situation as truth to my authentic self?” or “How should I really be responding to this current event?” or, even more directly, “what is my gut feeling about this?” This immediate understanding can only be found within yourself. No one else experiences the same gut instinct as you do. In fact, listening to your gut feeling allows you to avoid toxic relationships and situations and helps you read into people that you just meet, discovering both good and bad qualities almost instantly. Your gut brain will guide you through an entire scenario allowing you to choose what is best for you.

The Glory in Alignment

When all 3 brains are aligned, we discover our truest, most authentic self. When facing situations, both positive and negative, we react with confidence, compassion and deep intuition that leads us to happiness, fulfillment and success. By allowing our three brains to shine through, we create the magic within us that brings forth peace, love, joy, and gratitude. Good things happen to those that believe and fully receive the potential of their three wise brains. 

If you are interested in learning more about your three wise brains, the power of intuition or the glory within internal alignment of your brains, contact me. I would love to help you start living your best, most authentic life today. 


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