Silence: The Often Forgotten Self-Care Superpower

Just the mere thought of silence brings an inner peace to me. Stepping back away from the chaos of my mind, my surroundings and creating a space where I can hear my thoughts are pure joy to me. Guess what? Science agrees! Spending time alone, in silence, is healthy for your mind, body and soul.

Silence is Active

Oftentimes, we think of silence as the absence of something. The absence of sound. The absence of movement. The absence of people or things. In all honesty though, silence is far from absent. In fact, it is a limitless time to be present and relish in the moment. In those moments you are embracing a deliberate act of stillness while being fully present to the surroundings of now. In these moments you find a time for reflection and a recognition of the space between words, thoughts and actions. Silence teaches us that we can be fully present in an organized manner that comes out with clarity and focus. Silence gives us the space for exploration into our experiences. Silence allows us to be a better version of ourselves. Silence is a pillar to self-care as it allows us to explore ourselves on a higher level than we could surrounded by constant noise or distractions. 

The Science in Silence

Science has deemed silence to be a time of new electrical connections in your brain creating space for learning and insight. By increasing the potential and capacity to create new neural pathways, it allows us to re-shift our minds to more positive outcomes. Who knew silence could be so active and engaging? By creating a space for reflection we have the ability to choose how we feel and react to every situation we face.  How powerful that is! We begin to listen to our inner selves and grow a deeper understanding of who we truly are, to our core, and what resonates with our truth. We get to step back and learn from within.

Silence Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Silence restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy and conditions our minds to become less rigid in our own thoughts. On top of all the mental and emotional benefits of silence, it does a lot of good for our bodies too. Silence has been proven to not only boost mood, but overall well-being. By setting aside time each week to actively engage in silent moments, you can decrease high blood pressure, boost your immune system, decrease levels of stress and promote healthy hormone regulation. What a powerful tool silence is! 

The power of silence is something that is often overlooked. Spending just a few minutes each day relishing in moments of silence and being present in your own being is powerful. Extraordinary personal growth can come from observing silent pockets of time in your everyday life. When was the last time you deliberately chose to sit in silence and enjoy just being? Delve deeper into your self-discovery journey today by adding a time for silence and peace to your daily schedule. 

Interested in learning more about the power of silence in your life, or, just not sure how to incorporate silence into your daily routine? I would love to help you utilize this self-care superpower. Reach out to me today and let’s chat! 


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